Demo's HD Double Drop Surf Rig


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Perfect for mid range RC Fishing surfer drops! 

These rigs catch Whiting, Pompano, Red drum, Black Drum, Small Sharks, and more.

We collaborated with Rogue Reelz & Brian Demo (pronounced.. dee-mo) on this rig. Brian was tired of getting cut-off and wanted a beefed up double drop surf rig with a single float high and a single bead low. After lots of field testing we decided on the materials below.

"Demo's HD Double Drop Rig"

Thes custom made 45 inch rigs are tied with:

40lb Fluorocarbon
#1/0 crane swivel
#5 coastlock clip
(2) 3/0 inline circle hooks
3/4 inch hand painted float
Round mix/match bead



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