500 lb class RC Surfer/Smitty Shark Rig


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This Rig is for long range RC Fishing Surfer Drops with 3-4 lbs of cut or live bait

A collaboration with  Rogue Reelz & Mike Smith, owner of Smitty's Surf Fishing out of Navarre, FL.

This 20ft Shark Rig developed specifically for the Rc Fishing Surfer, is ideal for shorter deployment drops over drop-offs and past 2 or more bars in the surf.
This rig will handle ledge and sandbar rubs and keep you connected until your shark hits the sand. Perfect for 6-8+ foot Sharks. This Leader can handle much bigger sharks as well!

Designed to be used in Both Release points on the RC Fishing Surfer to evenly distribute the weight and carry as much as 5 lbs of bait and sinker to your target area!

Smitty's Surf Fishing Shark Rig

500lb Class

-15 ft  mono

-5 ft S/S coated cable

-6/0 barrel swivels

-#6 coast lock snap

-16/0 commercial forged hi-carbon steel inline circle hook

-Heat shrink coated copper crimps

 TX and FL Legal

Availability: Usually ships in 24-48 hours


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